How It All Started

It started with a boy from Belgium, who was not fond of school. Christophe Van de Rostyne was only 14 years old when he decided to go to the farrier school in Brussels. In 1994, he graduated with the highest degree.

When he was 18, he traveled to Kentucky with the Dutch firm Kerckhaert to present a lecture and help promote the Belgian art of horse-shoe making. Since then, he fell in love with the United States.

After returning back to Belgium, he started his farrier business with two employees and managing 450 horses.

In 2017, Mr. Van de Rostyne moved to the United States where he resides with his wife and children in Conroe, Texas. He continues to grow his business.

  • 2006: Back to school to become a blacksmith
  • 2011: We have our warehouse where we produce everything (windows, doors, lamps, tables, firepits, skylights, etc.). Almost everything is custom made, but we also have standard products.
  • 2012: The business started to go well, so my wife jumped into the business to handle the administration side.
  • 2014: Our first employee started and soon after, the second one.

We are a young, motivated and dedicated company. Now, it’s time for a new adventure. The next step is a start-up in Houston, Texas where we want to introduce our proud Belgian style of forging in American homes.